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Announcing #TheSearch with a $1,000,000 prize

by Michael Ma

GM! I’m the founder of CreatorDAO. In August, we announced a $20MM seed round. Since then, we’ve been building and recruiting creators behind the scenes. Today, I’m excited to announce #TheSearch - Finding the Next Big Creator, a contest where we will invest $1MM in one creator in exchange for 20% of their creator earnings over the next 10 years.

Andrew hosting #TheSearch 

What makes #TheSearch so unique is that it was funded by creators themselves. World-famous storytellers, musicians, artists, and athletes have come together to invest in the future of the creator economy. Huge shout out to our incredible community, including: Jake Paul, Paris Hilton, The Chainsmokers, Liam Payne, Andrew East, Joma Tech, Shawn Johnson, Kygo, Michael Einziger (Incubus), Matthew Bellamy (Muse), Nadya Tolokonnikova (Pussy Riot), Garry Tan, Austin Evans, Kong Pham, Ask Sebby, Joe Montana, JaVale McGee, Natalie Barbu, Josephine Lee, Nate O'Brien, and Jon Youshaei. Combined, these creators have a network of over 180M followers, which they’ll leverage to mentor and collaborate with the winning creator from #TheSearch.

Special thanks to Jake Paul, who’s doing two things he’s never done before: (1) put next year’s ad revenue for two of his Youtube videos into the DAO treasury and (2) collab with the winner of #TheSearch.

Also, thanks to Garry Tan, who’s putting 10% of his Youtube channel revenue into the DAO treasury. As one of the greatest investors and founders around right now, Garry Tan (the first investor in Coinbase and Instacart, founder of Initialized, and president of Y Combinator) is going to hold office hours with the winner to help them start their own creator business.

Nate O’Brien, AskSebby, Natalie Barbu, Jon Youshaei, (+ several others members we’ll reveal in the coming days) have each volunteered 30-minute coaching sessions with the winner as well.

It’s not just creators that will be mentoring the winner of #The Search. We’ve also formed an industry council of experts who will have one-on-one sessions with CreatorDAO creators, including Meghana (former Global Head of Brand Partnerships at SnapChat and frmr Head of Partnership at Instagram Shopping), Julia Yan (Head of Growth at TikTok), Asad Awan (former VP of Creators for Facebook App, founder of Potrero Labs), Lester Chen (a16z gaming partner and former Global Head of Gaming Creators Youtube), Derek Dolin (a16z CLF partner and former Three Six Zero Directory of Strategy), Jon Youshaei (Writer for Forbes on creators and ex Instagram and Youtube), Katherine Rundell (Partner Creators @ a16z, Head of Creator Partnership at Twitter).

Lastly, Andrew East has agreed to be the host for #TheSearch Season 1! Andrew East was the first creator to join our DAO, and he’s excited to share the stories of #TheSearch participants.

Anybody anywhere can apply simply by posting a 1-minute tik tok or youtube short and linking the video on You can be an artist, singer, vlogger, DJ, TikToker, live streamer, Instagrammer... However you define yourself, you can find a home at CreatorDao. This isn’t just a chance at $1MM but an invitation to join a decentralized community of global citizens who want to change the world. I’ve been stunned by the generosity of our members in offering their time and expertise to their fellow creators. I can’t wait to see what we can create together with #TheSearch.

Apply at

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